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Phone line is dead during night and usable during the day

Hi People,


New to the community thought I will try my luck here.


So i have moved premises to my new house, opt for the move out option what a pain in the neck waited 2 months to get my line just moved.... Finally it gets moved activated and working! 


No end of May i have applied for the 4mb ADSL Promo, still not able to get my line sync but the best part wait for it.... past two weeks my fixed line is off in the evening from precise 16:30 till the next day 08:00 where i can make endless phone calls without any issue so during the day its 100% but in the evening nothing line is dead as a corpse.... so the techinian tells me the problem is in someones yard so i assume the guy in that yard is like a switched board deciding when i can phone.... or not but WHY EVERYDAY FROM 8am to 16:30 my line is FINE??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? But in the evening it is dead i assume someone the exchange is messing about with my stuff and it is becoming huge issue to the point i want to move over to wireless and show telkom a ma se VINGER!


Can someone be kind and help cause seems like being nice does not help anymore you should be a JERK to get services and it aint the call centre's fault and can't take my frustration out on them its these "clever" techies which should get a boot or two

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Re: Phone line is dead during night and usable during the day

Wow that is an X-file!


Are you using a cordless phone? Could that be getting unplugged from the power after 4.30?

If not and you can try another corded landline phone after unplugging all devices from all phone outlets is it still the same?

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