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Been trying to port from Cell C since the 8th of December.
I'm on prepaid, been to the store, tried the sms on multiple occasions. Telkom customer support has informed me to just wait and they will forward and email to porting. Cell C customer support says they my son was inactive during the time that they tried to port my number (cell has been on).

Please is there anyone with any sort of information or help? I really would like to keep my number. Also it is quite frustrating not know why or how to solve the issue.

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Re: Porting

I went into a Telkom Store and purchased a device on the 24th of December 2018. 
I requested my telephone number to be ported and was advised that it would take 24 to 48 hours. 
Today is the 7th January 2019 and My number is still not ported and no one at Telkom has contact me to advise on the issues. 
I spent Christmas and New Years without my number working. Friends, Family and business is unable to reach me on my number because Telkom hasn't ported my number.
I contact their call center on a daily and keep getting different stories from one consultant to another and empty promises as my number is still not working. 
I tried to contact the store which i processed my contract with and lol big joke no response. i wonder if the number even exists. 
I am so frustrated and fedup that i feel like failure for this to be resolved i will take the time and effort to go back to the store, give them their phone back and cancel this contract as I will be paying for no service at the end of this month and Telkom is the one in the wrong and in bridge of our contract. 
I cannot believe the incompetence of their call center agents and lack of attention to detail or communication not just to client but among themselves too.

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