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Hi there Community Smiley Happy


I am brand new to Telkom, I am still waiting for my SIM to be Rica'd. But once that is done I am wanting to Port my Vodacom Number. My question is: I have read that you can just sms Telkom with the number you want to be ported - this seems like the less effort solution however has nayone had any luck doing it this way?  How long did it take?


Thanks for any advice you may give Smiley Happy


Have a super day!



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Re: Porting

hello and welcome Smiley Happy If it is at all possible to go into a telkom store, I'd advise that. the sim can be rica'd by the consultant instore, and the number port can be done there too.


if you want to try the sms option, instructions are at the following link.


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Re: Porting

Thanks goatfish Smiley Happy  I chose to go the sms route and I was ported within 48hrs ish!   I did have some issues with receiving sms's however that seems to be all sorted now!

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Re: Porting

guys im struggling with this sms thing,it says theres a mismatch and i checked it several times but nothing seems to materialize

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