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SLA Agreements

What is the SLA for fixing a land line? 338CTK21115; 282CTK231215

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Re: SLA Agreements

This is an excellent question & Telkom should post this information on their site.

I am forever haveing problems with my internet and seem to be spending my life complaining to telkom and never know how & when I can esclate even though the problem just keeps on re-ocurring..

Meanwhile, I am left pulling my hear ou.


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Re: SLA Agreements

@Liliana wrote:

What is the SLA for fixing a land line? 338CTK21115; 282CTK231215

@Liliana I am not sure where to get those, but also not sure what good they will be. In its current state Telkom will more likely than not miss the SLAs, and unless you have a way of enforcing it - like sue for damages - what good will they do for you?

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Re: SLA Agreements


If Telkom was serious about customer service, they could have SLAs with penalties they enforced themselves (on technicians, etc.) if they weren't respected

Surely, they could do something if they wanted to. Possibly, if there was some competition, they would, but since the government let them be the only land line operator, they have no interest in improving the customer service.

My line was fixed after approximately 7 weeks. I am torn between thanking them for eventually doing it and blasting them for taking so long. 7 weeks without a land line is a VERY long time. It wouldn’t be acceptable in a first world country, by a world class service provider. As long as Telkom acknowledges that and attempts at least to fix something…..

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