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Service issue

I am trying to order a new device on my existing mobile contract. After holding on for 64 minutes for someone to answer on 10213, they told me that they don't have stock of the device they are advertising on the website + they don't know if they will get new stock + the conultant advised that I should phone regularly to enquire about the stock availability.


I then tried to phone a Tel direct store to enquire re their stock availability. You automatically get through to a call centre machine tht tells you to select 1 if you want to enquire re stock. After entering 1, you wait a while and then the line automatically drops and leaves you with the Telkom bleep soound.


Please Telkom - how can I contact your shops to find out if they have stock?

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Re: Service issue

Hi @henniesmit,


The community forum are Telkom customers like you - can't usually help much re sales issues.


The Telkom direct hangup sounds like the last bleeping straw-    but you could try emailing them with the package & device model you're waiting for:   https://secure.telkom.co.za/today/help/personal/get-help/#!k=get-help-personal, - if nothing else they might pre-order for you . 


Good luck ...

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