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Still being billed after we closed our account in 2014!

We closed our telekom account June 2014. The telephone number was transferred to the people we sold our house to. I am still being billed every month for the line rental. I have emailed & sent loads and loads of letters. Each time I am promised they will stop billing me, pay back the incorrectly billed amounts (that is some 21 months (!)) and pay back our deposit. Despite numerous promises....it never never happens.  Please please please can someone sort this. I do not understand why it is so diffficult. Thanks.

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Re: Still being billed after we closed our account in 2014!

If you are still being billed with a debit order, I suggest taking the proof of cancellation and correspondence to your bank to request them to cancel/reject the debit order. At least this will stop you from having to pay. Eventually, i think telkom will suspend the service for non-payment. Hope this works for you. 

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