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Still no landline - ordered early in November!

I ordered a landline from the Telkom store at the Menlyn shopping centre early in November 2016.

Since, I have received numerous SMSES indicating that a technician has been dispatched to install the line, once, even at night, but to date I still do not have my landline, nor can anyone give me any real information as to when or why.

The matter has been escalated numerous times, via the call centre where I am always placed on hold for long time and sometimes even cut off after being on hold.

I have tried to get feedback via the facebook page recently but even that has produced no results.

Will I ever get this landline installed? What does one have to do to get a simple line installed? I hve already wastes many, many hours of my time on just trying to get feedback.

If you are unable to or incapable of installing this line then please just say so and I can cancel the order and not have my time wasted anymore.
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Re: Still no landline - ordered early in November!

Hi @yrshaik Has you line been installed?

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Re: Still no landline - ordered early in November!



I wish!

A 3rd tech was sent on 28 Dec 16. He needed to access a "box" located in a neighbour's property, just as the previous techs needed to do and once again it's a repeat of the previous two technicians' visits. 


I have given up on getting a landline so I requested that the order be cancelled (done at the Centurion lake mall store) last Thursday 29 December 2016 and instead asked for a wireless landline lookalike to be installed. I was asked to return to the store with my ID and proof of residence on Saturday as the cancellation would take 24hrs to process, which I did only to be told that the cancellation was not done and the person who assisted me incorrectly requested a new landline order instead of the wireless solution!!!


Thanks for wasting my time and fuel.


So, I have to date, no landline, no wireless solutuion and a whole lot of Telkom's legendary poor customer service while my business has to rely on a cellphone which makes me look really unprofessional.

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Re: Still no landline - ordered early in November!

Thanks for nothing. I'm at the Menlyn store now to cancel this order. 

I am going to get a Neotel voice service instead since you aren't able to supply a simply line.

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Re: Still no landline - ordered early in November!

we have on landline for more than a month now.  Our gate is also working from the landline. Poor survice.  Put in complaints on internet, but no luck

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