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Telkom OptiCon 5 PBX Manual / Instructions


My customer took over a building that has a working Telkom Opticon 5PBX (Not an IP PBX)

They were running 1 Exchange Line in, and 4 Extensions.


The PBX was paid off by the existing owner of building.

They have since cancelled that Exchange Line, and I am going to be moving the PBX to another part of the building that has 2 Exchange Lines, and I will be adding an Additional Extension. I see the unit has 3 Co Inputs, and at least 7 Extension outputs, so it should handle it.


However I cannot find any manuals on how to configure the system (to change the Incoming call routing, etc), and to enable the extra Exchange port for outbound.


Does anybody have a link to the manual.

I would really appreciate it.


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Re: Telkom OptiCon 5 PBX Manual / Instructions

hi @kolbep i tried searching for manuals but, came up with nothing for telkom pbx opticon 5. you might need to call their business centre on 10217.

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Re: Telkom OptiCon 5 PBX Manual / Instructions

Thanks for the reply.

In order to assist anybody else that may need it,

the Telkom OptiCon 5 PBX is actually a rebranded LG Aria Soho PBX.


I found that out by connecting to it's USB port, and finding the VID and PID of the USB Device.

I bit of googling got me the manual for the Aria Soho PBX.


I tried the programming commands, there was no password set on the PBX, and it programmed correctly using the Aria Manual.



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