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Telkom SIP

Hi all


Current setup. 


Landline - 4mb Adsl

3 x ISDN Lines

0861 (golden number)

Calls are coming in from 0861, hunts to 3 idsn lines.

This is done via Asterisk freepbx


We recently got 100mb fibre through Vumatel.  I am trying to get rid of the old dsl, land and isdn lines and use Telkom Sip instead.


Unfortunately the business call centre does not know what Sip is and you can't phone the pbx department directly.  They have to phone you back.


I have been trying to get someone to phone me that can help without any success.


Call logged on 14/06/2017 Ref: Ai2813410


Anyone know someone or have a number that I can call.


Will be much appreciated.


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Re: Telkom SIP

Am confused by your post


You're using SIP (VoIP) over the Internet but want to get rid of the service which transports the VoIP?


Who is your SIP provider?


Do you mean you want to just use Vumatel to your Asterix box?


What are the ISDN lines for...data to remote office locations?

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Re: Telkom SIP

No, your not udnerstanding.


The current pbx uses 3 x old analog isdn lines, with an 0861 number as my main number hunting over those lines.


I want to add a 6 channel sip trunk from Telkom.  When that is configured and up and running I want to then cancel the old ISDN lines.


Basically just using SIP instead of analog ISDN.


I just can't get to someone at Telkom so that I can order SIP services.  No one knows what it is and can't give me pricing.


I can port normal 021 isdn numbers to a different provider, but Telkom wont allow me to port the 0861 number so I have to make use of Telkom's Sip services which I am fine with.


At one of my other sites with Neotel it is easy.  Picked up the phone.  Please add 12 Sip Trunks to my account.  Cost me R500 / month.  Within 30 min I had Sip username & Password.

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Re: Telkom SIP

[ Edited ]

Hello there ok.


ISDN is not analog it is a dial up digital service




So you want Telkom to be your SIP provider so you can use the 0861 number but connect using Vumatel fiber rather than the ISDN lines?

Maybe the switchboards website will help you



Please remember that we are all members of the public, just like you. Telkom doesn't man this site. The best way to get their attention is send them a tweet or on facebook





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Re: Telkom SIP

Thank you Hongkongpom 


Yes, that is exactly what I want to do.  Unfortunately neither 10213 / 10217 can help me.  They don't know what Sip is.


I'll post a link to the social pages and see if someone responds.


Apologies for the reference to ISDN as analog.  I just see it as an old telephone landline, but I know what you mean.


Kind regards


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Re: Telkom SIP

Not sure if this doco is of help. Telkom SIP is featured in here





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Re: Telkom SIP

Thanks, you have just given me an idea.  I'm going to try and work with BCX instead of Telkom

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