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Telkom Tech no show

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So i have decided to make a new topic so that people can see what telkom is up to.

I took the day off yesterday and camped at home all day waiting on telkom to configure my telkom line.


I received a sms a few days ago that stated my line will be installed Monday 13th June 2016 and that it is a whole day appointment.

I took the day off sat at home and waited and waited. At 1:23pm yesterday i received a second sms that said...


" Dear Customer, a Telkom tech has been dispatched to install your telephone line for your order ( 142547061 ) today. Your continued support is appreciated. Regards, Telkom."


So i taught to myself ok they definitly coming today ( 13 June 2016), i mean its clear they dispatched a tech to my place. Hours went by so i contacted customer care again and was told sorry i must wait 7-21 days. What does that supossed to mean? After receiving a date plus 2 sms's stating they are on there way but no show. I wasted a whole day at home just sitting and waiting for them. Now i must wait another 7 -21 days???


This needs urgent attention as i am not willing to randomly sit at home waiting for the hope that a Telkom Tech MIGHT pitchup.

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Re: Telkom Tech no show

Hi @Suaad - I saw this on your previous post as well ...  the scheduling of Telkom techies sounds like a serious problem.  It is not an unique problem though, you have no idea how often I get a professional to come out to my house and when they tell me they will come on a certain date they are normally not able or willing to give a time.  Those in the past that have given a time NEVER stick to it.  I guess it relates to whether we as a society has started to accept this kind of service?  If we stand up against it more often we are likely to turn the tide, although we will have to refuse to pay for some services and stand together to get noticed.


To the organisations that believe we are happy without proper scheduling they will notice when we start paying when we feel like paying?  It is bad enough not to give an estimated time, but not even getting the DATE right is absolutely unacceptable and you will have to start to feel this where it hurts.

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