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Transferring of line

My mum has requested a line transfer.

The line was previously on my Dad's name (now deceased).

support reference number: 25344322

We have been to a telkom store.

The store referred us to the call centre.

the call centre referred us back to the store.

the help chat referred us to the call centre.

this is a permenant cycle between all departments and nobody can provide anything a conclusive answer or solution.

the line has beenn blocked for all outgoing calls since the request which makes it very challenging for a senior citizen!


Some urgent assistance would be appreciated.

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Re: Transferring of line

I have the same issue. Applied online ... a week later no reponse, tried to phone, held for ages, phoned a store, told us to go to another store, store told us to phone. Always the same with Telkom. Cannot wait for my contract to finosh so I can get another service provider.

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