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True action required to resolve query!

Although this post does not relate to a personal query it relates to someone very dear to my heart! The problem relates to a blind elderly lady of 88 who have been struggeling with her Telkom line since mid December 2018. The line rental of the prepaid phone was paid during November 2018 and R200 airtime loaded early December 2018 but during mid December there was 'n scratching noise on the line which was reported, the line then suddenly when dead and upon followup the consultantant indicated that there is no problem but that it would be looked into. Again upon followup the consultant indicated that the prior consultant cancelled the subscription but that it ought to be sorted within 48hrs, nothing happened and upon followup it was indicated that a new WIFI telephone will be issued and the phone arrived as indicated via courier. As per instructions the phone was assebled but still nothing working, we phone the call centre and the operator indicated that the sim needs to be RICA'ed and we took the phone to the Whalecoast Mall Telkom store and it was left with them for a whole week to sort out the problem and upon collecting the phone they indicated it is working 100%, however upon arrival at home no calls could be made or received even with the phone indicating that the is reception. Again the call centre was contacted and then they indicated that the service needs to be activated so we took the phone to the Somerset Mall where the consultant stated that the service indicates idle and it would be referred to the technical manager. We returned the following day as the technical manager did not phone me as promised and the consultant who assisted that day indicated that the line still needs to be transferred to work with the new WIFI phone and the matter was escalated and that is now again 3 weeks ago where when I request update it is said to still be in progress... Who can help resolve this query as this is a blind elderly lady of 88 who is reliant on her phone and her friends also send the police to her home as they could not get hold of her and thought that something happend to her, please help!! 

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