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Trying to cancel landline and dsl for 6 months

Good Day


Been trying to cancel my telkom line and dsl for 6 months.


First sent my cancelation on 17 Jan and got no reply.

Spoke to a consultant on the 28 March who said i submitted my drivers and need to send Green ID.

I email him the cancel form and green id.

He acknowledged all is correct.

Heard nothing.

Spoke to consultants on the 11 Apr, 12 Apr and today.

Still no luck.


What do i do?

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Re: Trying to cancel landline and dsl for 6 months

Hi @kdes


Sorry to see this happening to you.  We’re also customers in the community so unfortunately  can’t help much re. service ( no Telkom support agents here) .

Media articles this month report that Telkom’s online cancellation facility was fixed and fully implemented end April 18 


You can login to Telkom portal here & follow the steps -  they then send you a cancellation ref.  :-



Then post a detailed follow up message with your cancellation ref to a Telkom social media support team :-


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Hope this helps, please let us know how it goes.

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