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Wireless fixed line

I put the following on HelloPeter on 28 February but no response and I still have no Telkom 'fixed line' phone as the 'hard-wired' service hase been disconnected,  Can I actually get some verbal help from Telkom or should I just close the account ????  I have registered a fault (27334482) but this remains 'in progress'. 

No phone now for two weeks.


Help desk Service

Yesterday I had a new DWR-720/PW replacement for my fixed line delivered. Box contained absolute minimal of instructions including confusing installation of SIM or Micro-SIM. Assembled as per instructions but no signal. This morning my fixed line was cut off but I still have no signal. Telkom Help Line advises that due to major system problem they only have a few agents available and a long wait could be anticipated - which I am not prepared to wait due to expense of cell charges. Just need some simple help !!

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