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Wireless voice line

I have not had service since early April. I have logged more than 6 faults where Telkom send me a message saying the problem is solved yet and fault number has been closed out......I still have no line. I have phoned the service center on numerous occassions using over R600 of my own airtime on my cell phone. Mostly I get ignorant operators who simply rehash all the same issues getting nowhere.........mostly the line drops and I have to start all over again and wait in the que. The only issue that one operator picked up on was that Telkom had not loaded any minutes on my account so they could not monitor the billing......if that makes sense to anyone?. I have been told to take my small modem to the telkom store for testing.......which is closed......The Telkom account still comes on time every month (about the only thing that seems to work at Telkom) and I have now exhausted my options and can now only ignore paying the account.......I cannot pay for something or service that I am not recieving. I am on an isolated farm with bad cell reception, so the landline is a huge security device for my wife alone at home. I do not know what to do anymore. I suspect that I need a replacement modem.....or.......telkom need to load the minutes issue that I mentioned above. Has anyone else had these sorts of issues?

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