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billing problem

When we were offered a fibre optic service we signed for a total cost of R 699 per month. We were advised to add voice service, which we were told would put the cost at R 799 per month. 


For the past months we have been billed over R 1000 per month. One of the items added was VAT, which was never mentioned, neither in the brochures nor in the contract. According to the VAT act and subsequent documents from SARS if it is not specifically mentioned that VAT is added, then it is included. In fact it is a criminal offence to quote vat exempt prices. 


Discussions with the TELKOM office and various call centers seem not to produce any results. 


Who can we speak to?

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Re: billing problem

Billing problems with Telkom are a nightmare and the statement is just not readable.


Try to dial 10 210 alternatively escalate to 'tocfaxes@telkom.co.za'  and 'EscCentre@telkom.co.za'.


They might just prioritise it if you're lucky. Good Luck!

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Re: billing problem

I need a Tax certificate for SARS for the period 01/03/2018-28/02/2019

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