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call 338CTK211115

My line is down for 2 weeks now. I logged call 338CTK211115 on the 21st of Nov. Nothing has been done to date, although I phoned the call centre numerous times. I can't be expected to pay in full for line rental when I didn't have a line for half a month. And do you guys actually have any kind of timelines for resolving these issues? Who is this technician my call is with? When can I expect a resolution? None of these questions can be answered, although i asked them repeatedly. Is this forum any use in cases like this?

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Re: call 338CTK211115

Hi @Liliana


This forum is not a channel for Service related issues like getting progress on a fault. It is a peer 2 peer forum for customers to assist each other with common problems.


We have a variety of channels available for service issues. Read this post on How to get Help

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Re: call 338CTK211115

I have tried all the potential channels short of driving to a store 30km away, no luck after five days line dead, still no response other than a fault number.


why does Telkom not have a dial-back option?  I can't sit on my cel phone for 30 minutes (landline dead) till it eventually gives a few beeps and also disconnects.

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Re: call 338CTK211115

I don't know about this "variety of options".. what are we supposed to do if nothing works?? my line is down sinse 21st Nov and there is no resolution. What do you propose i do?

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Re: call 338CTK211115

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If the suggested contacts on the link below have not worked, try HelloPeter.com. Works for me all the time. The social Media team seems to have some "muscle" when all other fail.



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Re: call 338CTK211115

No competition for you in SA; no choice for the consumer. No working phone for 6 weeks. Call 338CTK21115 closed without the phone being fixed. Call 282CTK231215 - escalated 795799. 4 different technicians have been at my house, no resolution!! Incompetence???, you decide.


OH! and i did complain on hello peter as well. got a reference number on that call also. SM173471. guess what? still no phone line

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