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fault pending - 3+ weeks now (ref 321CWK170816)

Hi Telkom

I cant get through to you by phone at all. I reported a phone fault over 3 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago I happened to catch a telkom technician at my neighbours house - he graciously checked my line too and ultimately reported that the fault lay with some underground cabling up the road. Since then, no news. Please give us some update at least - your silence is deafening.

(plus, I dont understand how I can be charged for a service you are not providing. )

Ref 321CWK170816

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Re: fault pending - 3+ weeks now (ref 321CWK170816)

Hi @Zuban, this forum is not for Service related issues, but we do have some online options rather than waiting for the call centre - 




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Re: fault pending - 3+ weeks now (ref 321CWK170816)

I have alos reported a fault they are unable to give me any turn arround time which is  unacceptable  ref 1297CRK231017 this is teh worse service i have every experinced no help and  advise or support. agent are ubale to esculate issuses in a timely manner. i am trying to up grade my service and i honset wish i justed cancelled and went with another service provider it has been an absouslte night mare and currently i have not boradband serivice. unacceptable unacceptable horrifc. Please can i get someone that can just sort thsi mess out

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Re: fault pending - 3+ weeks now (ref 321CWK170816)

I reported a fault on 27/12/2017. ref 313cnk211217

Since the it has been escalated numarous times by myself and mu internet service provider 

I reported it again this past thursday and the only reply I get is "yes I see that a fault was reported and i don`t know why it has`nt been attended to 

I am paying for no service from telkom and have to pay for internet i can not use 

Very disgusted in the type of service we get subjected to 

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Re: fault pending - 3+ weeks now (ref 321CWK170816)

Well i logged the fault on my landline on the 2nd January 2018


to date nothing has been done.


All that seems to happen is that we get messages saying the matter has been escalated or some call centre agent telling us that by this date it will be restored.


Sadly nothing has been done

TEl: 0126568463



escalation ref: 1052654


a short while ago i was told that the matter is closed. disgusting! My line is still dead!!!!

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Fault Reported (ref: 26692140)

[ Edited ]

Good Day


I understand and acknowledge that this is not a fault reporting site as you have so kindly indicated however, there seems to be no other option as the reporting systems seem unsuccessful.


I have reported a fault (REF: 26692140) a month ago, 22/01/2019 to be precise and although I can understand that the no wifi usage is due to cable theft, in my area, there is and has been no feedback from telkom unless we call in and no alternative options being offered in the interim. I have also gone into your store to maybe look at changing to LTE however was told I have to pay the cancellation costs. Considering telkom cannot give us definite feedback should we not possibly look at this as an option?


This current situation I find myself is truly fraustrating and the lack of feedback is even more so. The feedback I recieved this morning (' we are waiting for our senior technician to give us feedback as we weather we will be reinstalling cable") is the same line I recieved 3 weeks ago.


Please please can we have some positive, constructive feedback or simly allow cancellation so we can consider a service that is more feasable and user friendly.


I urgently await your responce.


Kind regrads


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Re: fault pending - 3+ weeks now (ref 321CWK170816)

Hello Telkom

I am at my wits end with Telkom!

I reported a fault 2870092 on the 8th June.

It was closed without a technician confirming that the landline actually was repaired.

I then logged another fault on the 18th June 28799024 and it has been in progress.

I have gone in to the walk in centre in Cresta.

I have chatted on line.


What else must I do to get the landline to be fixed?


Other residents whose line went down is up and working again.

Mine still DEAD - STONE DEAD!



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