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getting real help

So i've been trying to cancel my ADSL line since Dec. For most of Jan & Feb both landline and ADSL were down - no access. i have faults logged, sms's to prove the problem has been resolved... but still being billed for the full service. And ADSL not cancelled. I haqve logged on to every service forum available, get my confirmation e-mail that i have sent a complaint; yet my problem is never dealt with. Sinve March, my billing info is sent to the correct name & email adress... but the residential adress is in PTA, i live in Benoni...

I can go ahead and cancel my ADSL line on the 3-step platform... but how do i get TElkom to adress the historical issue on my account.  I have stopped paying.... my bill continues to be charged... how can Telkom charge me for a service which has been suspended.... and the reason im not paying is because im not prepared to pay for a service that WASN'T being provided in the first place.... 

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Re: getting real help

Hi @JackieN


Sorry to see this happening to you , so frustrating. 

Unfortunately only Telkom agents can attend service issues  - we’re customers like you in the forum.


If you’re still battling try messaging a detailed complaint to a Telkom media team ( below) -  they’re best for decent feedback & results.  

Include the correction to your physical address, your account details , TIN number, all sms refs / dates , and say that acceptable response / resolution is required within 48 hours .  


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza

and/or email the same to support@telkom.co.za 


Good luck, hope this helps - please let us know what happens.


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Re: getting real help

Thanks very much.... Will give this a try and hope for results!!

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