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pathetic service from Telkom AGAIN

Good day


I am very irritated and its so annoying that there is an issue with Telkom freaken  every month.


You guys are quick to take our money but when the fault is yours we must wait 3 to 7 working days.

Your service is pathetic and we don’t even gain anything from Telkom and the money we paying.


What don’t you understand that the debit order for the wifi contract for r269 must go off on the 1st of every month?


I don’t understand what is it with Telkom and their payment arrangements, don’t you guys know how to make a debit order work ?

Every second month I must waste my bladey time calling you to let you know that the debit didn’t go off, this wifi contract is for my granny she is a pensioner, how the hell can she pay double the amount just because the debit didn’t go off, is Telkom going to buy her food and medication since seeing that its ok for you to just double debit people . Telkom has **bleep** service really.


I want account 339283020 sorted out today or I will be reversing every payment after this one and you guys can cancel this **bleep**ty contract.


Also what the hell do you guys have a portal for if it doesn’t even show the correct amounts, how much more useless can Telkom get?

The portal shows r23 , I pay r200 , in the mean time my son is getting sms’s of r400 and something , what the actual **bleep** is going on.


Under account number 335829504 I only have a tablet for r169 , so how the hell can I owe r790 ? and when I was on the portal on the 20th or so when I made the payment of r200 it showed me I owe r23.


I want this sorted out today or I want my contract cancelled with immediate effect and I will reverse all payments because I can’t keep paying for **bleep**

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