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Accepted Solutions

Hi everyone


I just wanted to share a bit about what we call Accepted Solutions, and why it is important to recognize an answer and an author.


An Accepted Solution is an answer deemed to have solved the question asked in a Topic. By marking an answer as an "Accepted Solution" you are recognizing the efforts of the member who has taken the time to post the reply. This gives the author status within the Community. It also helps others who have a similar problem to search for answers that have already been solved.


How do you go about marking an answer as an Accepted Solution?


It all starts when you create a Topic or basically ask a question. The idea is you keep checking your topic to see if anyone has replied with some answers. There are a few ways of doing that.

  • manually checking the thread
  • Email notifications


  • Subscribing to a Board or Topic



The system will also send you an email reminder, prompting you to check if your question has received a solution yet.



Once you are satisfied that someone has solved your question, you can now mark it as an Accepted Solution by clicking the "Accept as Solution" button.



How to recognize if an answer has an Accepted Solution.

There are a few ways of seeing if a Topic has an Accepted Solution


  • When viewing a Topic, you will notice the following green box indicating that this topic is solved. Click the link to go down to the Accepted Solution.



  • While scrolling down the list of answers to a topic, you will notice that the Accepted Solution has a dark green box with a tick indicating that this is the Accepted Solution to the Topic.



  • On the Community homepage, you will find leader boards with the Latest Accepted Solutions. This is also a quick way to see if your purposed question already has an answer.




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