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Community Guidelines

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What is the Community?

The Community is a friendly and relaxed place where you, our valued customers, can come together to share knowledge and support each other, and find out about Telkom’s products and services.



What is my role in the community?

Come and be part of the family! Visit us often to ask questions, and if you have the answers, share your knowledge with others.



What are the Telkom Community Guidelines?

These are basic principles that we follow so that the Community remains a nice place to be.



Constructive posts

In order to thrive as a community, we ask that everyone is constructive and positive with their posts and treats everyone like they would want to be treated – with consideration! Please do not try and insight members by posting inflammatory comments to cause a riot.



Stay on topic and post in the right boards

The community is a place to discuss issues relating to Telkom’s products and services. To get the best help, we ask that you post on the correct boards, and always remain on topic! This will make it easier for others to see and answer your questions.



Be specific and to the point

Always give as much detail as you can, be it when asking a question, or answering another member’s question. This way others will understand your problem better. They will also find it easier to follow your advice. Remember though, NEVER post personal details In the Community!



Be careful

When following any advice, remember that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the info posted by the members of the community. We suggest that you back up any info or systems before implementing such advice. Remember that you are following people’s advice based on their own individual experiences, so the responsibility remains with you whether you will follow the advice or not.



Respect the moderators

Moderators are there to make sure everything runs smoothly. They stick to these guidelines and Moderator Guidelines as well as our Terms and Conditions. If a post is found to contravene these rules, our moderators will notify you via a private Message. We ask that you do not argue or discuss any moderator’s decisions. Examples of Moderator actions could be deleting a post, locking a thread, warning or even banning a member on the forums. If you argue, these posts will be deleted! Should you wish to comment on any Moderator actions, feel free to Private Message the team.



Give credit where credit is due

Everyone likes a pat on the back, and in the community we use Kudos to say thanks for the help, so if someone in the community has given great assistance, answered your questions or done something praiseworthy, give them a Kudos to say thanks. You can also mark an answer as an “Accepted Solution”.



 Above all, be yourself! This Community is here to encourage interaction. Everyone is accepted for who they are. No question is a stupid question, and likewise no answer will be scorned or frowned upon. At the end of the day, we want everyone to have fun!


Things not to do in the Community


Disrespecting fellow member

The Community is a great place to hang out and get the support you need. For that reason, we want you to feel welcome and comfortable. This goes for both asking a question, as well as venturing an answer to other people’s questions. We don’t want people going off on a tangent or angry rant. Our moderators will delete these posts. We also don’t want anyone fuelling the fire by posting inflammatory messages to get a response out of someone. This just makes things worse. Should you feel offended in anyway, you are encouraged to use the ‘Report Abuse to a Moderator’ option.


Bad Language

There might be times when you are angry, but there is never times in the Community when bad language will be tolerated. In the Community, we treat each other with respect, and remember to rather keep discussions constructive. Our Moderators will potentially remove or edit such posts containing bad language, and you might find yourself banned.



Discussions going off topic

This Community is for the discussion of issues relate to Telkom’s services and products. Please do not use this space to discuss competing products from our competitors, including making reference to them without actually naming them. We do have a board for “off topic” discussions, so we encourage you to head over to The Lounge should you have such a topic to discuss.


Posts that deviate from the topic or issue at hand, that are campaigning or repetitive, or abusive in any way to any company or product may be edited or even removed.




Please post your questions in the most relevant board on the forum. Do not post the same question in multiple places, as our moderators will remove the duplicates. Also keep the community free from links to e-commerce sites, adverts, chain letters, pyramid schemes and other types of commercial solicitation etc… We get enough in our mailboxes daily. Should you wish to refer a member to a product (not promotional), you can post a link or post the exact product/model name. It is then up to that person to use their web searching skills using a search engine.



Inappropriate or illegal material

In this community, there will be a zero tolerance policy for any inappropriate content. This includes but not limited to pornographic or obscene material, profanity, racist or sexist remarks as well as posts containing abusive or threatening remarks. These types or posts will be deleted, along with posts with links directing users to such content that if posted in these forums, would be seen as inappropriate.


Discussing P2P (Peer to Peer) software and how to share files is fine, however posting links to such illegal content like movies and software is NOT, and these posts will be deleted.



“Playing the System”

Community members can earn various rewards such as rank or badges for their contributions. Please do not post messages solely for the purpose of gaining community points. We are all here to help, so keep your posts valid and meaningful to others. We also do not want you begging or soliciting others for kudos. This behaviour could result in our moderators banning you from the forum.



Posing as Telkom Staff

Please refrain from posing as a Telkom staff member or affiliate within this Community. All official representatives will be identified as such on the platform.


Additional reminders:


Don't post personal details

Please, please, please do NOT post any personal info in the forums! This includes any email addresses, telephone numbers, account details etc…. of yours, other members or Telkom employees. Let’s keep this a safe place for all.




All the other community guidelines apply to signatures as well, so keep it free from defamatory, abusive, sexist, threatening, hateful remarks, profanity, pornographic or obscene material and anything otherwise unlawful.


Keep your signature short and sweet and about yourself. It can contain things like your favourite quote, for example. Signatures are a privilege, so our moderators reserve the right to edit or even delete any signatures they deem to be inappropriate. They may even revoke your right to having a signature.



Final Note

Our Community Moderators have the final say and reserve the right to move, edit, delete or lock any message they deem to be inappropriate or disruptive to the forum. It is their job to ensure that this community remains a great place for all to be. A member will be warned for each moderation procedure. Should they find that a user continually oversteps the line or is guilty of a serious offense, they may ban a user at their sole discretion.


 By being a part of the community, you also agree to our Website Ts and Cs.







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