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So what are Kudos?

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No, Kudos is not an antelope.....kudo.JPG


In the Telkom Community, Kudos is a way of giving praise, like saying "Thanks!" or "I like!".

You can give Kudos for a good post you saw, or if someone answered your question really well or for just about anything you like.


How do you give Kudos? Well, at the bottom of every Topic or post you will find a button as well as a Kudo count. Click on the Thumb button to add 1 Kudo. You will see the count to the left.


As an active member who asks questions and participates in answering posts, you can collect Kudos, and in so doing, you can climb the leader boards that you will find on the home page. Who knows, you might even become the Kudos Champion.


Have fun! Smiley Happy





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