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All Kathy1's Badges

Kathy1 has earned 29 badges!
  • 10th Kudo Given
    10th Kudo Given
    Earned by 42
    Thanks for giving your 10th Kudo!
  • 1st Kudo Given!!
    1st Kudo Given!!
    Earned by 1,858
    This badge was earned for recognising someones contribution in the Community by giving them Kudos.
  • 5th Solution!!
    5th Solution!!
    Earned by 15
    Congratulations, you have achieved your 5th Accepted Solution!
  • Beautiful Mind
    Beautiful Mind
    Earned by 2
    Congratulations on this achievement! This badge is awarded for your 500th reply on this Community!
  • Bountiful Giver
    Bountiful Giver
    Earned by 4
    The Community is loving the praise. Thanks for giving your 100th Kudo!
  • Chatterbox
    Earned by 281
    You are getting the hang of this. Here is a badge for your 5th Reply.
  • Cheers!
    Earned by 51
    Well done, you are on your way up! Congrats on receiving your 10th Kudo!
  • Conversationalist
    Earned by 82
    This badge is awarded for posting your 10th response.
  • Engager
    Earned by 16
    Congrats, your 50 up! Thanks for your 50th Reply.
  • First Kudo!!
    First Kudo!!
    Earned by 1,396
    Congratulations! This badge is awarded for receiving your first Kudo!
  • First Reply
    First Reply
    Earned by 4,315
    Thanks! This badge is awarded for your 1st reply to a conversation.
  • First Solution!!
    First Solution!!
    Earned by 179
    Congratulations! This badge is awarded for your 1st Accepted Solution.
  • First Topic
    First Topic
    Earned by 4,543
    Well done, you have taken the first step and posted your 1st Topic.
  • Generous Giver
    Generous Giver
    Earned by 6
    Thanks for giving your 50th Kudo! The Community loves a little recognition!
  • Guru
    Earned by 3
    Congrats, your 35th Accepted Solution!
  • Hey Big Thinker
    Hey Big Thinker
    Earned by 6
    Congratulations, this is awarded for replying to 250 posts!
  • Insightful
    Earned by 12
    Century up! Thanks for keeping the conversation going with your 100th Reply.
  • Mentor
    Earned by 4
    Congratulations, your contribution is appreciated. Thanks for your 350th reply!
  • Popular
    Earned by 10
    Congratulations, half century up! You have received 50 Kudos for your efforts so far.
  • Problem Solver
    Problem Solver
    Earned by 7
    Congrats, your 10th Accepted Solution! You are on your way up!
  • Regular Giver
    Regular Giver
    Earned by 12
    Thanks for giving your 25th Kudo!
  • Responder
    Earned by 28
    Well done, your 25th response to a member on the Community!
  • Smarty Pants
    Smarty Pants
    Earned by 3
    Congrats, your 25th Accepted Solution!
  • Socialite
    Earned by 5
    You have really been adding value! This badge is for receiving 100 Kudos.
  • Thumbs Up!
    Thumbs Up!
    Earned by 125
    Congratulations, you have earned this badge for receiving your 5th Kudo!
  • Troubleshooter
    Earned by 6
    Congrats, your 15th Accepted Solution!
  • Well Liked
    Well Liked
    Earned by 22
    Keep going going, someone likes what you are doing! Congrats on your 25th Kudo received!
  • A Try
    A Try
    Earned by 21
    This badge is awarded for scoring 7 points. That’s 2 Accepted Solutions and 5 Kudos received.
  • Hat-trick!!!
    Earned by 10
    This badge is awarded for scoring 3 of each. That’s 3 Accepted Solutions, 3 Kudos given, 3 Kudos received, 3 Topics started and 3 replies.